Kyila’s puppy

In 2010 we started to support Kyila in making her dream come true: “Empowering the blind before they become disabled!!!” Global Roots and other organizations joined hands and Kyila was able to create in Shigatze the first kindergarten for blind children in China. Facing many difficulties, the 26 year old Tibetan woman persevered to educate […]

Building schools in Cambodia

Tamoung-phaem, Cambodia. This school construction was done in the context of a service mission, with volunteers from all over the world.

Elvis of Cambodia

This is the latest teaser for Barang films documentary, ‘Elvis of Cambodia’, which  examines the legacy of the legendary Cambodian singer, Sinn Sisamouth. Barang films is currently in post production on the film. Consider visiting them at and staying up-to-date on the most recent film news. Aerials are from

Guizhou festivities

Note: Animals should not be trained and abused for entertainment, specially when it involves fighting and gambling. It is barbaric, would it be with buffaloes, dogs, roosters or even bugs. Despite the brutality of the fights, no animals died during that particular event (unlike in Spanish corridas) as they are too precious for farming, reproduction… […]

Chiang Mai

Some pictures of the master class with Philip Blenkinsop (