Abdul Mussavir, by himself

Imagine you are in Northern Afghanistan, a region blessed with natural and cultural beauty, with people of genuine hospitality and kindness. It’s unfortunate that conflicts held this country back from progress and harmony, war after war. Now imagine being a 10 years old child with¬† both parents victims of war, trying to get food and¬† […]


Images from the most meaningful projects with non profit, non government organizations. http://www.picto.asia


An NGO aiming to support local humanitarians realize their vision. http://www.globalroots.org

Guizhou festivities

Note: Animals should not be trained and abused for entertainment, specially when it involves fighting and gambling. It is barbaric, would it be with buffaloes, dogs, roosters or even bugs. Despite the brutality of the fights, no animals died during that particular event (unlike in Spanish corridas) as they are too precious for farming, reproduction… […]

Chiang Mai

Some pictures of the master class with Philip Blenkinsop (http://www.blenkinsopworkshop.com/)