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About me

Background: Patrick has 30 years of visual arts, engineering, and management experience with active engagements with developmental organizations (Global Roots, Human Rights Advocacy, Lake Clinic, among some) with numerous assignments and publications.
With an early passion for technology and management, Patrick  contributed  in top silicon valley companies as an engineer, then as an executive (Apple, Cisco, eBay, PayPal). His career allowed him to work and live in France, USA, China, India, and Singapore running engineering teams of hundreds of people and with multi-million dollar budgets.
Qualifications: Patrick earned his engineering degree in France and his MBA in California (Golden Gate) and studied art in Paris (Beaux Arts). He enhanced his technique and experience by participating in workshops with world-renown photographers including Knight, Nachtwey, Harvey, Blenkinsop, Libre, and Dambies. He also learned by working with filmmakers and directors of photography such as Chris Parkhurst and Eric Macey.
Patrick obtained his private pilot’s license in California, holds a commercial drone pilot certification from UAV academy, is trained and accredited by DJI Thailand, and is an certified  flying yoga trainer.
Patrick is fluent in French, English, Chinese, Farsi, and Dari and is conversational in Thai, Khmer, and Spanish.


Relevant field experience: Patrick co-leads an NGO called Global Roots, based in USA, which focuses on complex social issues such as early marriage, slavery, and malnutrition.
While working on humanitarian projects, he learned to navigate and survive in remote areas, war-zones such as Afghanistan and post-earthquake areas such as Sishuan and Nepal, where he learned problem-solving in difficult conditions.
Throughout his projects, he has diligently documented challenges and successes and uses media to help bring visibility to social cases and innovations that aim at improving living conditions. His humanitarian photography website shares some of his work.
He is a leader in aerial humanitarian and commercial video and photography, and his video work can be seen at SkyFilms Asia and in aerial video festivals.
Values: Doing the right thing while keeping it all human, fun and engaging

I get inspiration from people who truly live their passion, with respect for themselves and others, with intelligence and integrity.