Welcome to our Iran photo Tour

A captivating destination that seamlessly combines history, culture, arts, gastronomy, and hospitality

With its welcoming population eager to embrace visitors from around the globe (yes, even USA!), this country offers an incredibly enriching experience for both photographers and travelers alike.

Prepare to encounter a tapestry of diversity in both people and landscapes, from the awe-inspiring palaces and mosques of Isphahan to the vibrant bazaars of Shiraz, the ancient ruins of Persepolis, the otherworldly terrain of the Lut desert, and the nomadic Qashqai community.


Your coach is Patrick Firouzian, a documentary and humanitarian photographer and filmmaker who has spent over 30 years exploring Asia and Middle-East. Speaking the local language and deeply passionate about culture, photography, and teaching the art and science of travel and documentary photography, Patrick will lead you on a journey that will be both insightful and inspiring.

He partners with local photography and experts, who will share the meanings of these rituals so you not only get beautiful images, but also the stories behind these rituals. Their wealth of knowledge and expertise will ensure that you leave with a deeper understanding of the region’s people, traditions, and natural beauty, as well as with a stronger foundation in the art of photography.

Where and when:

  • Main itinerary and pricing on demand
  • Photography level: Intermediate and advanced. Requires good experience in photography and ability to rise early nearly everyday, long days of photography, walk on sand.

Photography focus:

  • It’s a journey tailored for photographers, that lets you focus on what you love and allows for genuine, respectful cultural immersion. We will coach with an emphasis on storytelling and portraiture.

Embark on an immersive 11-day journey that explores the remarkable highlights of Iran’s major towns: Tehran, Shiraz, Isphahan, Kerman, and the Lut desert. This small-group expedition has been thoughtfully curated, carefully selecting the most authentic and captivating destinations in collaboration with our culture and photography experts.


14 days itinerary (including arrival and departure days)

Our adventure commences in Tehran, the capital city, from where we will venture south to Shiraz. Known for its esteemed poets like Hafez and Saadi, Shiraz boasts a rich history intertwined with nearby Persepolis and architectural marvels such as the Pink Mosque.

Wander through the bustling bazaar, a photographer’s paradise, offering abundant opportunities to capture captivating images.

Additionally, we will have the privilege of visiting and residing with the Qashqai nomads, a dwindling community that migrates between seasonal pastures with their flocks. Witness their harmonious existence with nature as they produce and preserve cheese, prepare meals using local flora, and master the art of carpet and clothing weaving. This immersive experience will foster connections and present numerous portrait photography opportunities.

Our next destination is Kerman, a vibrant mid-sized city nestled at the gateway to the Lut desert. Equipped with air-conditioned 4×4 Nissan Pickups or equivalent vehicles, we will venture deep into the tranquil Lut desert to enjoy a memorable bivouac under the starlit sky, accompanied by a delightful dinner. This remote location, devoid of light pollution, offers a serene atmosphere ideal for capturing breathtaking astrophotography.

Ispahan awaits as our final stop—an exquisite city renowned for its artistry and gastronomy. Prepare to be mesmerized by Islamic architecture that resonates with centuries of history. The bazaar showcases caravanserais once frequented by traders along the Silk Road, evoking a sense of antiquity and opulence, epitomized by the abundance of antique shops within its labyrinthine lanes.

Throughout our journey, we will utilize comfortable, air-conditioned medium-sized buses for transportation within cities, domestic flights for longer distances, and 4×4 cars in the desert. For independent exploration, taxis and Uber-like services are readily available and affordable in Iran.

Indulge in the diverse flavors of Persian cuisine, characterized by non-spicy stews, succulent grilled skewers, saffron-infused rice, and delectable bread. Our accommodations in all cities adhere to international standards, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay. During our time in the Lut desert, we will spend one night in an eco-friendly lodge and another night immersed in the heart of the desert, offering mattresses, tents, bonfires, and proper toilet facilities.

This carefully crafted itinerary strikes a harmonious balance between portrait and landscape photography. For those seeking to enhance their camera skills and composition techniques, our experienced leaders will provide guidance and tuition. We also foster ample opportunities for creative expression through candid photography, allowing participants to embrace their individual artistic vision at their own pace.

Regardless of your photography preferences or skill levels, our aim is to facilitate an enchanting journey that unravels the captivating diversity and memorable experiences that Iran has to offer. Leading this tour is Patrick Firouzian, a renowned French/Photographers who has extensively traveled in Iran and built a network allowing great logistics, safety and exploration.


Day 1. Arrival in Tehran, transfer to hotel.

Optional: Golestan palace and Tajrish bazaar (half day)
Welcoming dinner, meet and greet, schedule sharing and discussions.

Day 2: Morning flight to Shiraz, the city of poets, magnificent architecture and gardens, with its extensive and authentic bazaar, its rich historical significance as witnessed with Persepolis. We will explore the many surrounding mosques in hunt of the perfect light.

Day 3: Shiraz, early rise to visit and shoot the best lighting hour of Pink Mosque and its well-known colorful mosaics,
And later afternoon we will have the journey to a great wonder of the ancient world; Persepolis.

Day 4: Qashqai nomad settlement where we will share the authentic daily life (and lunch) with the few remaining nomads and discover their handicrafts, gastronomy and folklore with music and dances.
Night flight to Kerman

Day 5: Kerman.This town is rich in handicrafts artisans with copper and music instrument making workshops, this is also our gateway into the Lut desert. We will stroll the fragrant market full of spices and carpets for great photo (and shopping) opportunities.

Day 6: Lut desert in Jeeps, with sunset and night stay. We will be camping deep in desert with tents and proper comfort. Dinner and breakfast will be cooked on campsite fire. Potential camel ride/photo shoot in the surrealistic landscape.

Day 7: Sunrise and breakfast, then some more landscape photography. Lunch in eco-friendly lodge in a village near desert, rest, village walk and sleep in aid-conditioned huts in the village with showers.

Day 8: Ispahan flight, and check-in, rest and recover.

Day 9: Isphahan is a city or arts and culture, we will explore the markets and mosques for street and architecture photography. Evening at the Zoorkhaneh (house of strength) for a show of this ancient war preparation. (Iranian unique traditional gym club)

We will navigate the surroundings for copper workshops with their unique atmosphere.

Day 10: Ispahan, Naghshe jahan square (2 mosques, one palace) Bazaar street photo and mosque photography with models
Free afternoon to explore further or rest .

Day 11: Teheran flight

Optional Golestan palace visit. Closing dinner.

What makes this journey distinctive?

  • Designed in close collaboration with local cultural experts and professional photographers
  • Prime access to rituals, to families, to places otherwise non accessible to foreign tourists, all with the proper permissions, avoiding cultural “dont’s”
  • Guidance from photographers to help make your images stand out, more dynamic yet realistic
  • Minimizing the time in minivans or airplanes, by designing an itinerary that maximizes time on the ground, exploring and learning
  • Priced according to the quality of the accommodations and dining venues, as we’ve chosen the best places to stay and eat, and the closest to the action
  • Main itinerary is accessible to all and brings lots of culture and beauty, in addition to as much artistic and technical guidance as you can get
  • Weather or other circumstances can hinder our experience, so we built alternate locations or activities to avoid wasting time


  • Main itinerary dates: on demand
  • Based on shared lodging.
  • Limited to 10 people, all levels of passion, good fitness level, intermediate and advanced experience
  • Includes all meals, all transportation (airport pickup and drop-off, air fare, ferry boat, minivans), model and ritual tips, all entrances
  • Excludes extras, international travel
  • Contact us for more details