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Kyila’s puppy

In 2010 we started to support Kyila in making her dream come true: “Empowering the blind before they become disabled!!!” Global Roots and other organizations joined hands and Kyila was able to create in Shigatze the first kindergarten for blind children in China. Facing many difficulties, the 26 year old Tibetan woman persevered to educate […]

Solar Lighting project

2010: Global Roots volunteers install a solar lighting kit in a home in Mtito Andei, Kenya, with the goals to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, reduce smoke inhalation, and risks of fire. 2011: Global Roots volunteers return to the home to validate successful pilot project.

Kyila’s Kindergarten

A kindergarten for young Tibetan blinds, led by Kyila of kikikids.org “Empower the blind before they become disabled”

Kenya Service Mission (2010)

Volunteers in an incredible journey in a region challenged by drought, rampant HIV, poverty. See http://www.globalroots.org for details and how to help.

Books in Kenya

A book costs 50 cents, and is the key between a child selling themself on the roadside, and a potential job which would support them and their family. I don’t want to play the “guilt inducing” card, yet at the time where some people change their car every year to the latest model, I find […]