Abdul Mussavir, by himself

Imagine you are in Northern Afghanistan, a region blessed with natural and cultural beauty, with people of genuine hospitality and kindness. It’s unfortunate that conflicts held this country back from progress and harmony, war after war.
Now imagine being a 10 years old child with  both parents victims of war, trying to get food and  education, avoiding opium addiction and the temptation of joining the Taliban which offers food, shelter, a salary, a brotherhood and a promise of martyrdom.
Abdul Mussavir, like most children in this region  struggles to stay at school. His caretakers need money to feed him and pay school fees and as he grows up, his future becomes unceasingly uncertain.
Mussavir was grateful as we built a school and a nutritional garden giving him options and a sense of belonging, he wanted to show us his life, his home, so we gave him a camera to let him share what matters most to him.

These are his photos.