The Mekong, near Laos and Cambodia border, and the Nam Ou river in northern Laos. March 2014.
In the very near future, because of the insatiable appetite for cheap power and large profits, hydro-power dams erected by Chinese and Laotian businessmen in Lao territory will come on line (some people say over 11 projects)
These rivers will never flow with the same, fish will never migrate and reproduce the same, the villagers on their banks will lose their homes and food sources, they will lose the graves or their ancestors and the spirits of their village. Major life disruptions approved by governments and hungry businessmen, sitting in their ivory towers.

It is hard to think of a way to stop or even slow down this incredible machinery, I feel guilty of using Earth’s resource to post this video. Please support efforts to slow down the exploitation of the Mekong and its people, everyone can make a difference.