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Drone Tours and Courses - Curriculum

Flying drones is increasingly accessible to anyone, from 7 to 77. With improving software, hardware and cameras, it is easy to take amazing aerial videos and share them with friends and on social networks. You have probably already done that, or you are strongly attracted to the idea of doing so.

If you want to grow in that field, for personal or professional reasons, you’re in the right place to take the next step.

We add value by helping you operate your drone safely (for yourself and others), bring you the experience we have gathered from formal training and years of aerial film-making.

This will start with learning foundations, setting up the drone, visualize flight path and possible compositions, fly and film, then edit and share.

The prerequisites for this course are minimal: a passion for images and the thirst for learning.

Patrick, the flight instructor of this workshop, will make it super-informative and fun for you to enjoy a new visual perspective, or strengthen up your existing skills by adding tools and techniques learned through experience and formal training, which, in the end result, will help you create stunning visual stories.

Patrick earned certifications from DJI (Drone pilot), UAV Academy (Commercial Drone Certification), FAA (Private Pilot) along with a MBA and hardware engineering master.

We offer 2 programs:

  • 1 day program: Basics of operating a drone, and flights in 3 location, and assistance editing.
  • 3 days program: Theory and practice on operating drones, flying and composing, and building compelling stories by integrating ground and aerial footage.

Drones: you can bring your drone, or rent ours. We carry Mavic pro drones.

Note: We do not fly in prohibited areas such as religious monuments, near airports, military installations, police stations, jails and such. If you wish to fly and film archeological monuments, please contact us so we engage on getting the permissions (lengthy and costly process)

Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 pro
Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 pro
Portable & training drone
The very portable drones for web video and those who don’t want to compromise their quick mobility. You will take this craft to the mountains, rivers, volcanoes, beaches, waterfalls, climbing walls and you’ll always wish you had infinite batteries. This is a fun, easy to fly craft for web-delivered content and documentaries.
Portable and training drone
Very small... fits in a backpocket almost, yet flies superbly with a great 4k quality in good light. Takes off and lands at a push of a button, making it a very easy drone for first time flyers.
Steadycam with zoom
This steadycam has an optical zoom inside! So not only you can have steady footage, but you can chose your field of view from medium to narrow, and get closer to the subject if you chose to.

Day 1

Morning:  This morning you will learn the essentials of Aerial filmography and shoot in at least 2 locations:

  • components of the drone
  • safety for you and others
  • basic operation of the drone, controls: take-off and landing, camera movements
  • filming and flying: how to keep it safe and simple
  • emergency procedures (a.k.a Plan B): how to get the drone to take over control (auto-pilot)  and return to landing zone sound and safe
  • the workflow from drone preparation, flight plans, take-off check-list, flight, landing, off-loading media, editing, sharing
  • how to compose from above: altitude, movement pace, light, focus areas: how to combine these and get engaging clips


Afternoon: On-location practice

  • In a safe area near Siem Reap we will learn to take off and land, to do basic moves, rotation, panning and dolly shots, low and high altitude
  • Sunset on the lake: we will film the sunset reflections on the lake, with houseboats in the foreground


  • Review dailies: sharing some of the unedited clips of the day, comments and strategies to get stable, flowing, engaging footage
  • Constructive feedback
  • Planning the next day filming (for 3 day tours)

How does that work?

You click on the button below to get in touch with us and arrange for a session

Every session is 14 hours long (5 am to 7 pm) with breaks (coffee, breakfast and lunch, ice cream, massage)

  • 1 day: $190/person. 2 people: $150/person. 3 people: $120/person
  • 3 days: $500/person. 2 people: $430/person. 3 people: $340/person
  • 70% discount for Non Profit Organizations

You could do the session alone, with a friend or as a couple or up to 3 people. Partners can join at no cost (unless they want to fly)

Once you get in touch with me, we determine together what you want to focus on and learn based on your existing knowledge and skills.  I will arrange a great day anyways.

Includes transportation during tour, massage and ice cream.

Excludes lodging and meals.

Day 2

Early morning

  • sunrise filming fishermen getting their nets, sun reflections
  • Return to Siem Reap for breakfast
  • Short viewing session
  • Workflow: Compose a draft clip with videos and music

Lunch in Siem reap

Afternoon: Floating village filming, film the Pagoda, the fish farms, the fishermen coming and living, the hundreds of houses on stilts.

  • Sunset at the village
  • Return Siem Reap for dinner
  • Sharing session

Day 3


  • Early flight at a nearby mountain
  • Return to Siem Reap for lunch


  • Put it all together: final edit, music, color coding.
  • Lecture on Media Sharing strategies: how to be found, how to reach people
  • Quiz on theory and best practices
  • Dinner in a hype and cool restaurant

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