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Travel and Humanitarian photography

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Aerial movie-making tours & training by a freelance experienced professional
UAV, batteries, pilot and equipment rentals in South-east Asia
Production assistance for small and medium projects

I get inspiration from people who truly live their passion, with respect for themselves and others, and with intelligence and integrity.

Half of my profit is used to support proven Non-Profit Organizations and fund humanitarian projects (nutrition, shelter, education)

  • I mostly work alone or with a few selected and trusted partners,  passionate and tireless, not about ego, but about arts and craft, efficiency, and social/legal responsibility
  • I engage in small-scale production workflows (planning/story-boarding/filming/editing/publishing)
  • I train on the ground and in the air, with my training drones. I earned certification and accreditation as a commercial UAV pilot (DJI Thailand, UAV Academy)
  • My equipment is in top condition, checked and tested, critical parts (such as batteries) replaced without compromise.
  • Experienced and certified in the craft, in movie making with safety as priority, certified quadcopter pilot from DJI Thailand, licensed single engine private pilots with extensive FAA knowledge and flying experience (over 150 take-offs and landings on single engines, paragliders, 70 in Ultra-lights) and certified by UAV Academy on Commercial Drone operation
  • I operate within regional government regulations and respect the environment, with proper paperwork, often having an official representative with us

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